Audits & Assessments

The Ethics Institute has developed a range of assessment instruments to assist organisations in gauging their current state of ethics. The following assessments are conducted in organisations:

  • Ethics Risk Assessment
    Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative assessment instruments, we assist organisations to identify their ethics risks and opportunities in order to compile an organisational ethics risk profile.
  • Organisational Ethics Indicator
    This assists organisations to gauge the effectiveness of their ethics management interventions as well as the prevailing ethical culture in the organisation. It also benchmarks companies against their industry peers.
  • Internal audit of Ethics Assessment
    With this toolbox of instruments, consisting of both quantitative and qualitative instruments, we assist internal audit teams to report on the adequacy and effectiveness of their organisation's ethics management programme as well as on the prevailing ethical culture of the organisation.
  • Codes of Ethics Assessment
    This assessment is offered to companies wishing to ensure that their code of ethics adheres to best-practice code development standards.
  • Ethics Management Gap Analysis
    With this instrument, we assist organisations to determine whether their ethics management practices comply with best-practice standards and King III requirements for ethics management in organisations.
  • Minimum Anti-corruption Capacity Assessment
    National and provincial government departments are audited to determine whether they are compliant with the minimum anti-corruption capacity requirements established by Cabinet. Municipalities are assessed on similar standards.