The Ethics Institute offers both in-house and open training on a variety of ethics-related themes.

Why do ethics training?

In order to successfully navigate the challenges of ethics governance and management, and establish an ethical culture, organisations must empower their governing bodies, management and staff with the requisite ethics awareness, skills and competencies. Because organisational culture is, by definition, a collective exercise, it is paramount that ethics awareness is diffused throughout the organisation. This can be achieved through training.


What does training involve?

All programmes can be customised for public or private sector groups.  All programmes can be customised to specific requirements and intended outcomes. To ensure positive participation, group sizes should preferably not exceed 20 people.The depth and duration of training differs depending on the needs of the group. Training is delivered by experienced subject matter experts from The Ethics Institute. For further information on training, click on the links below.


What is the Ethics Officer Certification Programme?

Everybody is responsible for ethics in their organisations, but leading governance practice recommends that a specific individual – the Ethics Officer – is responsible for the process of active, practical ethics management. The EOCP is designed to train these individuals - it is the flagship training programme offered by The Ethics Institute. 

Participants attend a five-day intensive training course, after which each has 90 days to complete a practicum assignment for formal assessment. Thereafter, successful participants receive accreditation from the University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB-ED) as certified Ethics Officers. A full list of certified Ethics Officers can be found here

Please refer to our calendar for upcoming training opportunities, or click on the links below to see the full-year programmes:

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