The Ethics Institute offers a wide array of services related to the governance and management of ethics in organisations and professions.

These services include:


Public and in-house training programmes on a range of ethics-related themes, such as:

  • Social and Ethics Committee programmes;
  • Ethics management programmes;
  • Ethics Officer Certification Programme;
  • Corruption prevention programmes; and
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) Programmes.

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Assisting organisations with gauging their current state of ethics through a variety of assessment instruments, which include:

  • Organisational Ethics Indicator

This instrument was developed to assist organisations in gauging the effectiveness of their ethics performance, as well as the prevailing ethical culture in the organisation. This instrument, the Organisational Ethics Indicator (OEI) has been statistically validated, and since we have been using it for several years, organisations can benchmark against other organisations. This assessment will furthermore assist organisations in identifying gaps in the effectiveness of their ethics management programmes and \ thereby equip them to address these risk areas through new ethics interventions.

  • Ethics Management Gap Analysis

This instrument has been developed to assess the extent to which organisations adhere to good practice and the ethics recommendations set out in King III. The Ethics Management Gap Analysis does not determine whether ethics programme elements are effective, but merely whether they are in place.

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  • Ethics Risk Assessment

An Ethics Risk Assessment methodology and instrument was developed to assist organisations in identifying its ethics risks and opportunities. Both qualitative and quantitative survey methods are used to collect data for the ethics risk assessment.

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  • Code Assessment and Code Development

A code of ethics or a code of conduct is a key part of an organisation’s ethics management tools. It is ideal for a code assessment to follow on an ethics risk assessment.

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  • Organisational ethics culture assessment;
  • Internal audit of ethics assessment; and
  • Minimum anti-corruption capacity assessment.

Advisory Services

Consultation with public and private sector organisations and professional associations on matters related to the management of ethics. These advisory services include:

  • Ethics management advisory service;
  • Corruption prevention advisory service;
  • Professional ethics advisory service;
  • Ethics committee advisory service.

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Certifying certain ethics-related services and service providers in order to provide assurance that these services and service providers meet relevant Ethics standards. Certification services include

Project Management

Acting as project manager for donor organisations wishing to enhance good governance, corruption prevention, or professional ethics.