Letter by Francois Bekker, Pretoria: Both stayers and leavers are brave

6 June 2008

Francois Bekker

I refer to Dr Willem Landman’s article “Who is right – stayers or leavers?” in Sake24 of 5 June 2008. It is a balanced article, which shows that of the two neither is right or wrong.

As far as I am concerned, stayers and leavers have a common denominator: bravery.

Brave are those that can settle abroad to make a life there.

This can truly not be moonshine and roses only.

Brave are those that choose not to go abroad.

The fact of the matter is that nobody knows what the Zumafication of South Africa will bring. Ultimately, it is a personal choice whether you want to stay or leave.

Perhaps, the two groups can morally support and, even, complement each other. One hopes that the other common denominator of the two groups is love of their country of birth.

In view of globalisation, there is a natural tendency for people with transferable abilities to become citizens of the world.’

Yet the antipole, namely localisation, cannot be undone.

Reciprocal understanding is the point of departure for all of us seeking the ideal of creating a free, functional and prosperous South Africa. May hope never be put to shame.