EthicsSA to release a 'Handbook on Ethics Reporting and Assessment'

EthicsSA to release a ‘Handbook on Ethics Reporting and Assessment’

written by Kris Dobie


The first time I was asked by an ethics officer what she should report to her ethics committee was about 7 years ago. I’m sure it must’ve been clear from my response that I had not yet given this much thought. But in my defence, very few people had.  At that time few organisations even had ethics committees. 

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Raising hope through whistle-blowing? The sexual harassment challenge

Raising hope through whistle-blowing? The sexual harassment challenge.

Organisations that EthicsSA engage will often proudly inform us of the existence of their safe reporting, or whistle-blowing, facility. When asked whether many cases are reported through this facility the answer is usually ‘no’. Reasons given vary from ‘the hotline is relatively new’, ‘potential whistleblowers are afraid of victimisation should they be required to act as witnesses down the line’, to ‘it is not in our culture to blow the whistle’.

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Who's Checking the Checkers? - Frank J. Navran

In the years before 'empowering employees' became part of the management lexicon, decision making authority often rested several layers above where the actual work was being performed. It was commonplace for peoples' work to be checked, first by their supervisors and then rechecked by the manager. Those of us consulting to business at that time derisively referred this to as "checkers checking checkers".

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Lesotho's - a small country is showing big heart in combatting corruption

Two years ago, the World Bank offered Lesotho support for its corruption trials against multinationals accused of extensive bribery in one of Africa's biggest engineering works.That none has been forthcoming has not dented the small African nation's determination, fuelled by morality and self-interest, to end money-for-contract graft in the poor world.

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Developing a code of ethics

An organisation's code of ethics is a key element of good ethics management says Prof Willem Landman. The King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa prescribes the adoption of such a code. Non-listed and smaller businesses would do well to follow suit. 

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Can more Business Ethics Teaching halt Corruption in Companies? - Prof Anton A. van Niekerk

This article deals with the question of whether an increased teaching of business ethics can/will have a positive effect on the fight against corruption in companies. It is written from a (South) African perspective. 

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Board of Directors Ethics Training... Who needs it? Frank J Navran


The CFO asked you to provide clerical back-up during a meeting between the CFO and two members of the Audit Committee of the Board. This is your first visit to the C-Suite and you are impressed with the rich wood paneling, deep pile carpets and the quiet air of power and authority. While you are doing some routine filing at the desk the two Board members walk by, deep in conversation.

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Business Principles for countering bribery


I have been conducting quite a number of training workshops during the past six months in South Africa and other countries on the African continent.  One of the most pertinent concerns raised by participants is the issue of their employees being confronted with demands for bribes (also called facilitation payments, fines or motivation payments).
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Social and ethics committees are required by the new Companies Act

The Companies Act (no.71 of 2008), as well as the Companies Amendment Act (no. 3 of 2011), came into effect on 1 May 2011. These acts have to be read together. The Act has elicited much discussion and some confusion. One area that has been receiving attention is the new requirement for social and ethics committees. 

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Ethics Officers and Social and Ethics Committees - Quo Vadis

The observance and application of ethics within the business world is not something new.  For as long as mankind has been living in groups, the moral regulation of behaviour has been necessary for the group’s wellbeing.  

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Respect - Frank Navran

We all talk about respect. For a vast number of organizations “respect” is one of their avowed core values. Along with honesty, integrity, fairness, compassion, courage, and accountability it is one of the values cited by my own organization.

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A Culture of Respect

“If he were any dumber, we’d have to water him twice a week.”

The first time I heard it I laughed. Same thing the second time – but there was an aftertaste of unease. It’s a funny line, but what if someone actually thought or said that about a colleague or coworker? 

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