Through the Resources portal, we share our various thought leadership outputs, which are the cornerstone of our role as a public benefit institute. 

The Ethics Institute is committed to stimulating and advancing awareness of ethics in South Africa and also in other countries on the African continent where we are active. We participate regularly in public debates in the media and contribute to policy formulation in respect of business ethics, corruption prevention and professional ethics.

Our staff members do presentations at public events and participate in academic conferences. They also write contributions to academic and popular publications.

TEI conducts research related to business ethics, corruption prevention and professional ethics. Our research has a distinct focus on the capacity of organisations and professions to deal with the ethics challenges and opportunities that they encounter. Our research findings are made publicly available as a means of creating ethics awareness and to stimulate ethical debate.

Here you will find also useful list of contacts if you have an ethics-related problem and require assistance. The Ethics Institute does not deal with cases, but will gladly refer you to the approporiate organisation should you need assistance. Click on the button below for a directory:


Where can I find help?

We are also proud to offer you direct links to the resource libraries of three of our strategic partnersClick on the links below to access even more ethics-related resources for your use.