Our Supporters

Please click on a button below to proceed with your renewal or new subcription. If your membership expired in the course of 2018, please click on the first button. If your membership expires in January or February 2019, or if you are joining for the first time, please click on the second button.

Renewal - expired in 2018   New and renewing - 2019

Frequently asked questions

 What about membership? The Supporter network replaces our previous member scheme. All current members will be invited to transition to becoming Supporters at the end of their current membership period.

What is the Supporter fee?  2018 Supporter fee: R975.00 pa, VAT-inclusive, designated in South African Rand, valid until 31 March 2019. “Friends of The Ethics Institute” who have supported us for 15+ years receive a 25% discount on annual fees, all open training courses and all events. Organisations who pay the subscription fees of five or more Supporters also receive a discount corresponding to the size of the group being paid for.

What is the billing period? April 1st to March 31st each year. New Supporters who join during the year will pay pro-rata to align with the April billing schedule, as will current members who "transition" during 2018-19.

What are the benefits? For the duration of a 12-month subscription, Supporters receive the following benefits:

  • Subscription to weekly news bulletin
  • Subscription to monthly newsletter
  • Discounts on events and training – including to events of TEI’s partner organisations
  • Complimentary invitation to Annual Supporter Gathering (our chance to say, “thank you!”)
  • Supporter’s Token – an engraved keyring to remind Supporters of their Pledge
  • Opportunity to participate in Annual Masterclass Morning with our experts
  • Milestone certificates to recognise loyalty upon joining, and after five, 10 and 15 years
  • Unique log-in access to exclusive online communications archive

What about organisations? Organisations cannot be Supporters in their own capacity. 

 Explainer video

We released the video below as an explainer to all our past members what the new Supporter scheme would entail. Please watch the video if you wish to learn more about this exciting new venture. 



Please note that the amount indicated in the video has been revised, following the announcement of the one percentage point VAT increase.