Advisory Services

The Ethics Institute advises organisations in the public and private sectors, as well as professional associations, on all aspects of the management of ethics. These advisory services include:

  • Ethics management advisory services
    We advise organisations on all aspects of their ethics management programmes in line with best practice in corporate governance, which include:
    • Assessing ethics risks and opportunities
    • Drafting and revising codes of ethics and ethics policies
    • Strategies, structures and systems for institutionalising ethics in organisations
    • Internal auditing of, and reporting on, ethics

  • Corruption prevention advisory services
    We assist organisations in:
    • Developing a corruption prevention strategy
    • Establishing and staffing an integrity or ethics office
    • Building corruption prevention capacity
    • Monitoring effectiveness of corruption prevention

  • Professional ethics advisory services
    We assist professional associations in:
    • Identifying the ethics risks faced by the profession and its members
    • Drafting or revising their codes of ethics and codes of conduct
    • Identifying training needs related to ethics in their profession
    • Developing continuing professional development (CPD) training modules for accountancy and financial services professionals.

  • Ethics committee advisory services
    We serve on the ethics committees of private-sector organisations, as well as on ethics advisory boards of professional associations.